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Domaine de Poulaines has joined forces with the project Union for the Genetic Resources of the Centre-Val de Loire so as many people as possible can rediscover the region’s most typical vegetable varieties.

The initiative will run until autumn. Special signage shows the vegetables that are part of this initiative.

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Together with the other Centre-Val de Loire parks and gardens and specialist nurseries, Cayeux and Bourdillon, the Domaine de Poulaines gives you the chance to wander around its beautiful grounds and enjoy its iris collection..

Iris season is May to June and the intermediate iris collection will be in bloom in the rose garden and along the water ways, while the bearded irises are spread among the perennials.


Joël Robin


Horticulturalist, hydrangea producer and grower in Indre-et-Loire. Joël created a hydrangea serrata, christened Golden Néopoulaines for the Plant Festival in October 2017. This hydrangea is available to buy at Domaine de Poulaines.


Jardins en marche

Domaine de Poulaines is proud to partner with Jardins en marche. Since 2019, garden visitors can admire a fruticetum with eight Crataegus species (hawthorns) and discover the particularities of each one thanks to information panels.

Jardins en marche is a nursery and garden in Creuse close to the Millevaches plateau. Specialising in winter-friendly species, Jardins en marche has a wide selection of trees and shrubs ideal for small gardens and hardy conditions. Jardins en marche’s Crataegus collection received the “National Collection” accolade from the French Specialist Plant Collection Conservatory in 2016.


Domaine Francis Jourdain is a family-run wine-growing estate located between Berry, Sologne and Touraine.

Nestled among the Coteaux du Cher crests, this estate has been home to the Francis’s family for centuries. The estate’s land is very special: while some would carve gun flints during Napoleon’s era, others were already working the vines and perfecting their wine.
Having grown up surrounded by wine culture, it was only natural that Francis took charge of the estate and learnt the region’s unique wine-making techniques.
He was joined by Sophie in 2009 and together they strive for constant balance between the land and vines and the alchemy of wine-making.