The Domaine de Poulaines is now closed, and will re-open on Thursday, April 11, 2019.

Our cottages are open all year.

Welcome at the domaine de poulaines


The Domaine de Poulaines is a private garden situated in a village in the Berry region of central France. In the Early Middle Ages the estate was owned by a Lord and part of the Graçay barony, and today the Poulaines Manor House is the last vestige of an ancient fortified castle.

Centuries-old trees and box trees surround the buildings, some of which date from the 17th century.

For the last 27 years, the current owners have cared for the Domaine and created different themed gardens spread over 4.5 hectares. Surrounded by 20 hectares of woodland, the garden received the Jardin Remarquable (Remarkable Garden) label in 2014.

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A Remarkable Garden jardin-remarquable-petit

Contemporary gardens of various types and themes (4.5 hectares) around hundred-old-year trees.
Links between the Manor and the Metairie (sharecropper’s farm – 15th-19th centuries).
Enjoy the pleasure of strolling along the stream bank, from the English landscape garden with exceptional varieties to the collection of roses, of peonies, daylilies and dahlias.
You will walk under the blackberry bushes, between collections of grass plants to join the Arboretum. You will discover the subtle scents of our various mints and aromatic herbs.
A cottage of 45m² is at your disposal all the year to accommodate two to four people.


pictures of the domain

Come and discover a universe made of shapes and colours each more various than the others.

Delacroix said that colour is the music of the eyes, be prepared to travel through a glorious symphony

the domain’s history

The name Poulaines is thought to come from the Celtic word “pull/poull” which means marsh.
One of the village centre roads, on the route to Chabris, still currently bears the name of Haut-Marais (meaning high marsh).
Poulaines’ village centre, which, for many years, only comprised a few houses 8km away from Valençay, was organised as a parish around the church, dating back to the 12th century and revamped in the 15th century and in the 18th century.

The original bell tower was replaced in the 19th century by the current bell tower, covered by a distinctive imperial pyramid roof, towered by an eight-sided spire.

The château’s origin could date back to Gallo-Roman occupation, located along a Roman road dating back to the end of the 1st century or the beginning of the 2nd century.
This road linked the North of Chabris to the South of Argentomagus, a Gallic oppidum near Argenton sur Creuse.

The presence of a seigneurial dwelling is documented since the High Middle Ages.

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