Climbing Arborist – Ornamental tree expert

Jérôme Bouillon is a landscape gardener whose speciality is pruning and caring for ornamental woody plants and fruit trees.

During his extensive career as a climbing arborist, he has worked with leading botanical experts, enabling him to keep abreast with cutting-edge scientific knowledge.

He has been teaching innovative tree and shrub care techniques for many years, with a focus on respecting the ‘architecture’ and physiological needs of each variety.

Studying the environment of trees has led him to take a closer interest in aspects related to their relationship with the soil and to realise the importannce of differentiated management of green spaces. Differentiated management is based on understanding the adro-biological requirements of our park and garden ecosystems.

Considered pruning, delayed mowing, mulching, the use of RCW and composts and shallow cultivation are some of the techniques that he teaches to achieve better differentiated green spaces.

These techniques help to protect the health of plants and thus limit the use of phytosanitary products, as well as to maintain, or even restore the natural equilibrium of gardens and landscaped areas.

Jérôme is a passionate lover of nature and bases his teaching appoach on interactive methods and, wherever possible, practical application in the field.


He has provided training for the municipal park departments of Paris, Metz, Besançon and Bobigny, the Arbo Guillebert Campus in Fresnes, agricultural vocational training and promotion centres specialised in forestry and nature (e.g. CFPPA Forestier de Bourgogne), the national centres for the managment of territorial service of Lorraine, Campagne Ardennes and Bourgogne Franche Comté, the Tecomah school for environment related studies in Paris and the Golf de la Boulie golf course in Versailles.