Colette CASSIN

Landscape design-gardener and Perennial plants’ expert

Colette Cassin’s first job as a garden designer alongside an official landscape gardener of the French Department of Historical Monuments and producer of perennial plants immediately led her to develop a passion for the association of perennial plants.
The symbiosis between the wild and undisciplined nature of these plant species and their informal beauty, triggered her on-going interest for this vast and diverse category of durable plants.

Her rural roots have taught her to assess the ‘land’ which, regardless of the location, helps to stimulate the imagination in order to develop unique landscapes combining ecological and aesthetic considerations.

Following a year spent in England as a private garden designer, and another spent working in flower production in Germany, she became a Sales Manager for Lepage nurseries, where she was principally involved in providing training and advice. This unique professional background has brought her into contact with some of the most beautiful gardens, small and large, and, most importantly, has allowed her to exchange ideas with leading landscape gardeners and experts, as well as with the most enthusiastic of amateur gardeners.
Numerous municipalities (Nevers, Poitiers, Tours, Sevran, etc.) have made use of Colette’s expertise as a trainer for internal, two-to-three-day-long courses. She has also led training courses within national centres for the management of territorial service.

The following members of her professional and friendship networks have been particularly important to her career development:

  • Louis BENECH
  • Valérie ESNAULT Les jardins de POULAINES
  • Efclidis HOROMIDIS Grèce
  • Gérard JEAN Les jardins du PELLINEC
  • Luc LEPAGE
  • Erwan TYMEN

Colette’s skills: Perennials

  • Knowledge and recognition
  • Range, production, propagation, assessment of quality
  • Which perennials for which environment and usage
  • Associations: colours, graphic effects, textures etc. and tailoring plant selection
  • Sustainable development and biodiversity with respect to perennials
  • Garden planning and planting advice
  • Plant care and annual plant management plans – Colette Cassin wrote the plant care advice for all 2,500 plants featured on the Lepage nurseries’ website
  • Writing of articles for national horticultural press – June 2015 : Vivaces et Rosiers (Perennials and rose trees) for the journal ‘Les cahiers du fleurissement’
  • Colette is a recognised provider of training in her fields; she enjoys learning, experimenting and sharing her knowledge and experience.

Colette CASSIN

Spécialiste Plantes Vivaces : Conseil et Formation

19 rue du général Bizot
49000 ANGERS

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