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cloud tree pruning

CV of Instructor Christian Coureau
Christian Coureau founded his company in 1999 after having worked for ten years with Eric Borja during which he learnt the cloud tree pruning technique such as it is taught in Japan.

Currently established at the foot of the Vercors, he grows his subjects in open ground whilst preparing them for future transplanting. Over the years, successive pruning operations shape the tree.

Christian Coureau also intervenes in established wooded gardens to shape mature subjects in accordance with the techniques and aesthetics developed by Japanese gardeners.

Since 2006, he has created meditative gardens along the lines of Japanese Zen gardens.

He has carried out major projects both in France (Biarritz, Marseilles, La Ciotat etc.) and foreign countries.

He is present during the “Plants’ days” in Courson, at the “Albertas’ garden” in Bouc-Bel-Air and during the “Art of gardens” in Paris.

More information on his activities may be found on his website:

As a propagator and grower of trees and shrubs, the CHRISTIAN COUREAU nurseries perpetuate the tradition of Japanese pruning :
  • Cloud tree pruning
  • Setting of gardens
  • Meditative gardens
  • Accommodation in the Gîte des nuages

Christian COUREAU

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