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la floraison éphémère des Iris

For the first time, the Domaine de Poulaines is joining forces with other Parks & Gardens in the Centre-Val de Loire region to offer visitors a beautiful iris collection that is only enhanced by its lush green setting.

The flowers bloom from May to June, and the visit begins with the median iris collection in the Rose Garden and along the Water Way, and will finish with the bearded irises that are scattered among the perennials.

But the magical spectacle will not stop there. The Jardins et Arboretum de Poulaines is home to collections of trees and shrubs (Cornus, Viburnums, Lilas, Davidia), wisteria, roses, peonies, perennials and bulbs dotted around the gardens, along the stream, in the Arboretum and around the children’s treehouses.